The Solid Color

Solid Color is a self-locking paver with a Coloré finish, for 80mm high tiles

Available colours :

  • red ral 3020
  • orange ral 2003
  • yellow ral 1018
  • blue ral 5015
  • green ral 6037
  • grey ral 7004
  • brown ral 8008
  • black ral 9005
  • violet ral 4005
  • white ral 9016
  • pink ral 4003

Other colours are available on request

- Solid Color is an innovative, self-locking and patented decorative paving stone made of HDPE polymer, an effective alternative to earth, gravel or pre-grown plastic slabs.
Available in several colours, it can be used to mark out parking spaces and disabled logos.

- Designed to be inserted on any type of concrete slab with an insert of + - 90 mm on the inside and a thickness of 80 mm such as Birkenmeier, Kronimus, Heinrich Bock, Sepa. (A variant is available for 100 mm high concrete slabs)

- The design of our "Solid" paving stone makes it difficult to tear out because of its locking lugs, which are forced into the concrete honeycomb. It is also not subject to abrasion as it is flush with the concrete slab, so there is no friction on the synthetic turf.
It is also non-load-bearing for vehicles, as they only stand on the most resistant cellular slab for draining parking spaces.

Technical characteristics :

- Product made in France
- HDPE support, from recycling
- Maintenance-free
- Frost and UV resistant
- Does not catch fire

Advantages :

- Suitable for light vehicles, lorries, fire engines, etc.
- No wear and tear on the pavement or grass, vehicles drive on the concrete slab
- Easy to lay thanks to its eight slats
- Difficult to tear off thanks to the 4 lugs that are forced into the concrete slab
- Good carbon footprint, our product can fill the entire volume of a semi-trailer, for a surface of 1920m2 of parking and a weight of 8 tons
- The car park is green immediately after installation, and remains so
- Support for shoe heels that do not sink into the ground or gravel
- No need for automatic watering in times of drought and water restrictions
- No problem with salting for snow removal from parking spaces
- No need to mix soil and stone in the subgrade and a fertile bed to get a green look, a classic subgrade in 0.31/5 and a classic gravel bed is enough
- High drainage capacity thanks to its hollowed-out shape
- High capacity to absorb water during a storm (20 litres /M²)
- Very light, weighing only 80 grams, easy to install for workers, and no risk of damage to vehicles, shop windows or street furniture in the event of tearing
- Possibility also in renovation by suction of gravel or earth to replace by the Solid 65 or 85

Vous pouvez télécharger ici les différentes fiches techniques de nos produits ainsi que le plan de calepinage.


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